Monday, July 26, 2010

“More like ‘Captain Retard,’ Am I Right?”

"Do you think this A stands for 'butthurt?'"

Here are some highlights from the comments section of WorstPreviews’ article on how “Captain America” Won’t Be Very Patriotic:

"HIS COSTUME IS A BIG FUCKING FLAG JOHNSTON YOU SACK OF CRAP. Mannnn if you do to Steve Rogers what you did to the Wolfman, I will personally track you down, and end you bitch!"

"Ok from this interview only, I now think this movie might suck."

"Me thinks the Liberals have got hold of this. And in turn a making it into a PC loving sack of crap."

"Ted Turner already did this. It's called Captain Planet. I mean jesus, as already pointed out, he's WEARING A FLAG. That's like taking a giant shit in the middle of an open mall and then obliviously going on with your day."

"So what the fuck does the A on his forehead stand for, acceptance??? Johnston is a hack, and cant be trusted with pet turd."

"This has quiet possibly be the stupidest fucking thing i have ever heard and i have heard my self talk before so that's fucking stupid. Also his name has fucking America in it saying he wont be very patriotic is like calling the blob the blob but making him rail damn thin."

"This movie blows already."

The list goes on like that. For awhile.

So Steve Rogers will be more a good person than outright patriot? Okay. Nazis are killing Jews by the trainload. That’s bad. Steve Rogers reads this in the newspaper and says, “I should go kick those Nazi douchebags in the face.” You don’t have to drink Fox News’ kool-aid to know right from wrong, and thus Steve Rogers gets off his duff and enlists.

From the aforementioned article’s comments section, people obviously wonder why he’s wearing a flag-themed costume. Guys, seriously, if the government makes a super-solider out of a hundred-pound weakling with the intent of sending him to fight the Nazis, they’re going to turn him into a giant propaganda tool. Doing the right thing and being patriotic aren’t mutually exclusive. This is Marvel Studios we’re dealing with here. The same guys who made Iron Man. Have a little faith.

With this much fan outrage about Cap not being a chest-beating flag-waver, I didn’t even both reading the comments about them taking Namor’s foot-wings away.

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