Monday, July 26, 2010

The Walking Dead Turns #75, We Get Presents

U mad, Rick?

Spoilers ahead, sort of.

A seventy-fifth issue of any comic is a milestone. Lasting twenty-five issues without being canceled these days is a feat, let alone three times that. Last week, Robert Kirkman’s zombie drama 'The Walking Dead' celebrated its 75th issue with a couple treats for its loyal fans. Years ago, Kirkman said that if he ever ran out of ideas for the series, he’d just have aliens invade. While he may not be out of ideas, we were treated to a fun little what-if. Art duties for the post-letters column portion of the issue shifted from long-time series regular Charlie Adlard’s gritty black and white pencils to long-time 'Invincible' artist Ryan Ottley’s distinct style. The icing on the cake? Every gooey, gory bit of the imaginary tale is in full, vibrant color! It was very much the same kind of surreal the UFO endings from 'Silent Hill' provided, and I for one was delighted.

But wait, there’s more!

Before readers can recover from what they just read, they’re treated to not one, not two, but ten cast shots of the forthcoming ‘Walking Dead’ show, airing on AMC this October. I’ve been rabidly following the show since it was first announced and having finally seen the initial cast in the flesh, the countdown ‘til Z-Day has begun! Do yourself a favor and pick up ‘The Walking Dead’ #75, in stores now.

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